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Scientific Writing Guide


The guide to help you to publish your scientific research in and indexed peer reviewed journal.


Level: MAS


In 30-45 days, you will be able to:


  • Identify the topic and key features of your research.
  • Prepare preliminary results.
  • Draft the paper.
  • Statistically analyze the results.
  • Write the entire manuscript.
  • Present the results at a scientific event.


Tablet School guides you throughout the process in personalized way, via e-mail, WhatsApp and Video Call.

Your manuscript will be sent for peer reviewing, and if required, after the successful correction process, through which we will come along with you, you will have your paper published in our Tablet School Journal a Scientific Open Access Journal with the ISSN Number 2661-6505 and indexed in ROAD-Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources. 

You can also submit your manuscript to any other indexed and peer reviewed journal, in that case, we will help you also along the whole reviewing, corrections and publishing process.


Graduate Now


The guide to help you know how to carry out research projects and write your own thesis or dissertation. 


Level: MAS


In just ONE MONTH, you will be able to:

  • Research topics that correspond with your interests, skills and areas of knowledge.
  • Gather and to analyze data about your research project.
  • Develop the plan and final document of your thesis or dissertation.
  • Present the results of your project.

Tablet School guides you throughout the process in a personalized way, via e-mail, WhatsApp and Video Call. 

Our methods have been tested with more than 50 graduates from different Universities around the World.

You will have a unique Diploma with Blockchain technology that verifies your learning and knowledge.


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Start Your Own Business


The necessary steps to be financially independent with the knowledge and skills you have.


Level: ROO


In this e-Learning, you will learn how to Start Your Own Business in 4 steps by: 

  • Understanding what a business is;
  • Calculating different scenarios of a financial plan;
  • Doing your own promoting business plan.
  • Renewing or changing a business.

This e-Learning is fully personalized and it’s not automated. Real instructors take care of your learning process until you are ready to Start Your Own Business. 

In just 3 weeks, you will learn the fundamentals, and 1 week after, you will send your whole business plan proposal to your instructor for review. 


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Gambito Escocés / Scotch Gambit


Los fundamentos de una apertura de ajedrez ganadora / The fundamentals of a winning chess opening.


Level: ROO



El gambito escocés es una de las aperturas de ajedrez más incisivas que desde un inicio proponen una lucha intensa. Es ideal para quienes buscan un juego activo, llegando al final de modo rápido.


The Scottish gambit is one of the most incisive chess openings that from the beginning propose an intense battle. It is ideal for those looking for an active game, reaching the end game quickly. 


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